FogIt Odor Removal - The A-200Pro Kit - $19.67 per unit



Specifically designed and optimized for treating automobiles. The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit includes everything you need to quickly ATTACK and DESTROY odor-causing molecules in an irreversible chemical reaction that rids cars of odors, simply and effectively.

The FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit is easy to use, works quickly, and is permanent. Learn about the FogIt™ A-200PRO Kit’s other features and benefits!

  • $19.67 per unit (less if you buy more)
  • Simple-to-use: 5-10 minutes of “hands-on” time minimizes labor cost of treating vehicles
  • Fast-acting: 1 hour treatment time
  • Industrial-strength: Tackles the most problematic odors, including cigarette smoke
  • Permanent: Odor-causing molecules are DESTROYED upon contact with the reagent
  • Greatly reduces time in detail shop
  • Decreases inventory turnover time
  • Increases sales price of vehicles & guarantees return on investment
  • Sold per case of 24 units

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